Welcome to the Paint To Pixel Studio!

My name is Sunhawk and I am the administrator for this website, which was created for the purpose of encouraging artists to learn more about multimedia, computers and the Internet.

The great thing about this website is that the tutorials here are written BY artists FOR artists! Not only that, but each tutorial posted here can be editted by anyone for errors or improved upon by any user without needing a special password or knowledge of HTML. It may sound strange but please take a look around, I have tried to explain how this website works as clearly and simply as possible. Wikis are still a new thing to everyone including me but places like Wikipedia.org are great examples of what open-source websites are capable of.

ETA: Temporarily, I have had to create a password for all pages to prevent further abuses by spambots and vandals, I will be searching for a better solution to this problem but for those genuinely interested in contributing to this wiki, email me at the email address below.

If you are having any problems or trouble with this website or you want to ask me a question, please email me hawklion at hotmail dot com.

Here are some useful pages to learn about adding to this site:

More information about PmWiki can be found at http://www.pmwiki.org/.

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